Web Apps
Project Description

Pearson is the world’s largest education company. It acquired Wizard, Brazil’s most extensive language course, in 2013. Pearson asked us to create a system for tracking students’ improvements in Wizard’s Blended Learning platform, a unique online and face-to-face teaching method in which all the curriculum is digitally based.

Inspired by data analytics used in the Business Intelligence world, we integrated an Educational Intelligence dashboard into the Blended Learning platform. This allows educators and coordinators to accurately track statistics throughout a school, within a single class, or for a specific student.

Our next mission with Wizard was the integration of Knewton, a NY-based adaptive learning platform. The platform intelligently learns the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student, and presents them with level-appropriate tasks. The project was very successful, and we are now the official integrator of Knewton in Brazil.

Project Details